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Automobile Sales Agreement

Automobile sales agreement: contract form for sale of auto, car, van or pickup.  Full protections for both buyer and seller.  #1 Options for all contingencies and completely editable.  Use for cash sale or sale contingent on buyer acquiring financing.  Sell vehicle "As-Is" or with specific warranties by simple click of your mouse.  Best "As-Is" clause in the industry.  Designed by Attorneys.  Legal in all 50 states and District of Columbia.  Edit / customize in your favorite word processor.  All purchases downloaded at checkout.

Federal and State statutes require an "Odometer Disclosure Statement" upon transfer of any vehicle.  The specifications of this form are contained within the statutes.  Selling your vehicle without executing an Odometer Disclosure Statement will invariably result in the state refusing to transfer ownership of the vehicle.  We provide you with the necessary Odometer Disclosure Statement with every download.

True "As-Is" protection!
Readily accepted by lending institutions nationwide!

Attributes of this vehicle sales agreement include:

  • Readily accepted by lending institutions nationwide

  • Cash sale or buyer to obtain financing options.

  • Time limit on buyer's consummation of agreement when obtaining financing

  • Purchase price and acceptable form of payment

  • Vehicle description including 22 pre-listed attributes (check off appropriately) plus additional accessory listing to assist in loan value

  • Vehicle Inspection: Choose whether inspection is current or not.  Protect your "As-Is" sale with this important disclosure in writing.

  • Closing date - date by which Buyer must conclude sale if obtaining outside financing

  • Delivery of Vehicle and Transfer of Title - at closing

  • Seller's Representations - good title, authority to enter agreement, mileage to best of Seller's knowledge, vehicle free from encumbrances, transfer of title, disclosures, etc.

  • Warranty on Vehicle - options include "As-Is" or Seller may enter warranties as desired

  • Odometer Disclosure - conforms to Federal and State requirements.

  • Buyer's Representations

  • When sale contingent on financing: Buyer agrees to make written application within specified time, Seller agrees to hold vehicle until closing, Seller's obligations do not extend beyond closing date, optional non-refundable fee to Seller as consideration for entering agreement.

  • Buyer's Responsibilities - Insurance and Tags: Buyer's responsibility upon consummation of agreement.

  • Default / Breach: Defines conditions of default by both parties

  • Buyer's Default: Seller's remedies if Buyer defaults

  • Seller's Default: Buyer's remedies if Seller defaults

  • Time is of the essence

  • Court Costs and Attorney Fees

  • Entire Agreement

  • Governing Law

  • Severability Clause

  • PLUS: Separate Odometer Disclosure Statement included.


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Vehicle Sales Contract