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Boat / Watercraft Bill of Sale

Bill of sale for the sale of boats or other watercraft.  Fully compliant in all 50 States.  Descriptive fill in features for accessories such as toilets, hull material, sink, trailer, etc., if applicable.  Bill of sale documents are 100% editable in your favorite word processor.  Designed by Attorneys.  Edit / customize in your favorite word processor.  Download this legal and comprehensive Boat / Watercraft Bill of Sale immediately.  All purchases downloaded at checkout.

Instant download enables you to fill in this boat bill of sale form on your computer screen.

Boat / Watercraft Bill of Sale (edit to your specifications) - use for cash sale of boat / watercraft. A Bill of Sale is the final document that transfers ownership. 

Attributes include:

  • Names of parties and the purchase price;
  • Purchase price and conveyance of ownership;
  • Detailed Boat / Watercraft description;
  • Boat free of liens and encumbrances;
  • Disclosures by Seller, if any;
  • Indemnification of Buyer against adverse claims on Boat / Watercraft;
  • Additional Warranties  - Notice to Buyer: "As-Is" option or listing of additional warranties;
  • Buyer is legally competent to execute contract.

Boat Bill of Sale Form