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Start a Business - Form a Company

Start your own business as a partnership, LLC or corporation. Incorporate an existing business or transform a partnership or sole proprietorship into a limited liability company in minutes.

Business incorporation requires filing Articles of Incorporation (Certificate of Incorporation in certain states) with the appropriate state agency. Incorporate an existing business to limit liability and pass profits thru to shareholders (subchapter S corporation allows pass-thru taxation). Incorporate online with Articles of Incorporation. Start a business by filing appropriate documents; articles of incorporation to incorporate / start a corporation or articles of organization to form a LLC. After formation, start doing business after completing corporate bylaws or a LLC operating agreement.

Form a Corporation    |  Corpoarate Bylaws  |  Corporate Forms

    Form a LLC

Partnership Agreements

Business Sale / Purchase Contract

Forming a LLC, limited liability company, requires the filing of Articles of Organization. Form a LLC to obtain the liability protection of a corporation while allowing profits and losses to pass-through to members. A major benefit of a limited liability company over a corporation is that the state and federal government, in particular the IRS, require much less documentation while affording the LLC the same / like protections afforded corporations. This makes a LLC a very attractive alternative to sole proprietorships or partnerships. Relaxed requirements for operating a LLC have resulted in many corporations either converting to a limited liability company or forming limited liability companies to hold their assets.

A partnership agreement is a business contract between two or more persons to start a business and share the profits and losses between them. Form a business partnership with our comprehensive general partnership agreement.