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Corporate Forms

Post formation corporate forms for the continued operation of your corporation.  After formation, documentation of meetings and other corporate functions can be an arduous task. Our Corporate Forms bundle can take the hassle out of your corporate documentation requirements.

The operation of a corporation requires compliance with state regulations and proper documentation of corporate actions. Corporate actions include the establishment of bank accounts, minutes of shareholder and director meetings, proxy forms, shareholder resolutions and travel expense reimbursement to name a few. Proper documentation of the corporation's decisions, policies and resolutions establish the corporation as a self-acting entity, separate and distinct from its individual shareholders.

Despite not being a natural person, a corporation enjoys the rights and responsibilities of a natural person. Corporate statutes empower a corporation to own property, sign binding contracts, and pay taxes in a capacity separate from that of its shareholders. Essentially, a corporation may do anything an individual can do under the law.

The Corporate Forms Kit includes the following:

     Annual Shareholder's Meeting
     Annual Board of Director's Meeting
     Special Shareholder's Meeting
     Special Director's Meeting
     Adoption of Medical and Dental Reimbursement Plan
     Approval of Corporate Minutes
Resolution of Sole Shareholder
Notice of Meeting
Call of Meeting
Consent to Action(s) to be Taken Without Meeting
Medical and Dental Reimbursement Plan (under Section 105(h) of the IRS CODE)
Medical and Dental Reimbursement Plan Agreement
Request for Reimbursement of Medical Expenses
Demand Loan - Promissory Note
Proxy Statement
Travel Expense Voucher
Waiver of Notice of Special Board of Director's Meeting
Waiver of Notice of Annual Shareholder's Meeting
Waiver of Notice of to Adopt Medical and Dental Plan

Articles of Incorporation and bylaws are not included in the Corporate Forms bundle. If you have not yet formed your corporation and require the Articles of Incorporation and bylaws, as well as the corporate forms for continued operations see our state-specific Incorporation Kits.

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Corporate Forms