Serving an Eviction Notice

The eviction process begins when the tenant is served an eviction notice and can continue until the tenant cures the default or a court proceeding issues an order for eviction.

The steps to serving an eviction notice follow.

  1. Serve the tenant an eviction notice (if you need the notice, select Eviction Notice Forms in the list to the right). There are multiple methods of service:
    1. Personal service: have someone personally hand the notice to the tenant. This is the preferred method. This person can be:
      1. anyone over 18 yrs of age that is not listed on the form.
      2. Sheriff in the city where rental unit is located. There will be a fee for this service but they will usually file the proof of service afterwards.
      3. Professional service processor.
    2. Substitute service: if the tenant is not available at home or work, the notice can be left with a competent adult living at the rental unit or a supervisor or manager at the tenant's place of work. Instruct this person to give the notice to the tenant. Be sure to get the person's name. Afterwards, send a copy of the notice, per mailing requirements for your state (usually first class mail) to the address where the notice was left.
    3. Post a copy of the notice at the rental unit and mail a copy to the tenant per mailing requirements for your state (usually first class mail).

In all instances listed above, be sure to have the proof of service filled in.