Landlord Eviction Tips


In an eviction process, it is important to remember that it is a legal procedure controlled by your state's landlord-tenant statutes. Good records are just the first step in moving through the system as quickly as possible. Review the Following as a guide:

     1. Maintain multiple copies of all letters and documents you deliver to your tenant. These will be required by the court if you proceed with a judicial action.

     2. File your eviction case in the proper court. You can call the clerk of the court for additional information.

     3. For nonpayment of rent: if a landlord accepts any partial payment, regardless of the amount, prior to obtaining a judgment on a nonpayment action, in most jurisdictions the court will dismiss the eviction proceeding and the landlord has to start the eviction process over.

     4. Court: 1) Dress professionally  2) Show up early  3) Bring the lease, eviction notice with proof of service, pictures and other violations when applicable.