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South Dakota Eviction Notice

general information

Following proper eviction notice procedure requires serving the tenant the required eviction notice form. The requirements of an eviction notice are stipulated by law and failure to supply a proper eviction notice will result in wasted time and a lengthy eviction process.

If, after being served an eviction notice, the tenant does not cure the default in the required time, the landlord can proceed to court. The court will then serve the tenant with a notice of the proceeding allowing him/her an opportunity to dispute the landlord's claim(s). If the tenant does not respond to this notice, the court will issue a default judgment and proceed with the eviction process. However, if the tenant responds, the court will consider his/her arguments before making a determination. An eviction notice served for nonpayment of rent is difficult to defend unless a tenant can prove the rent was paid prior to the expiration of the allotted time after being served the eviction notice.

A court order for eviction, which is different than the eviction notice served on the tenant prior to petitioning the court for eviction, is served by the sheriff. The eviction is not complete until the time contained in the court order expires. If the tenant has not moved out by that time the sheriff will remove his/her belongings. Only then can the landlord change the locks on the premises.

We supply the eviction notice forms required by law prior to evicting a tenant. These eviction notices must be served on the tenant prior to proceeding to court.

South Dakota eviction notice, landlord eviction form kit with 4 notices: Pay Rent Or Quit, Lease Violation Notice, Demand For Compliance Or Possession and Lease Termination / Vacate Notice.  Receive minimal state required eviction notice and compliance times pre-inserted in Lease Violation and Pay Rent or Quit eviction notices. Eviction notices require tenant to cure violations / defaults within specified time and notifies tenant of landlord's intention to evict tenant if default remains uncured.

Eviction Notice Form Kit contains:

  1. Eviction Notice: Pay Rent Or Quit - South Dakota specific - min. times inserted
  2. Eviction Notice: Lease Violation - South Dakota specific - min. times inserted
  3. Demand For Compliance Or Possession
  4. Lease Termination / Vacate Notice

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