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Frequently Asked Questions

NUPP Legal Certifications: 

What is NUPP Legal?
NUPP Legal's Internet presence, NUPPLegal.com has been serving the general public since 1999 delivering a wide variety of legal documents to the U.S. market.  All of our contracts and agreements are designed by attorneys who are experts in their fields.  NUPP Legal has the highest customer loyalty rate of all U.S. legal document web sites!

What legal forms does NUPP Legal offer?
We offer contracts and agreements for a variety of legal situations. At NUPP Legal you can find:

  1. Real Estate Forms: Rental lease, Eviction Notices, Quit Claim Deeds, Purchase and Sales Contracts
  2. Power of Attorney Forms: Durable, General, Health Care, Limited and Real Estate POAs
  3. Human Resource Forms
  4. Business Formation: Incorporation, LLC, Partnership, Joint Venture
  5. Estate Planning: Living Trust, Last Will and Testament, Advanced Directives, Living Wills

Our legal forms are listed in helpful situation specific sections so you can be sure you are getting all the forms you need for your particular legal transaction.

How do I redownload previous purchases?
Go to the following page for instructions:  Re-download Previous Purchases

Can I use these forms on my computer?
All NUPP Legal documents come in various formats that will work on Windows or Mac OS computers in just about any word processing program currently available including Microsoft Word, AppleWorks, WordPerfect and many others.

How do I get these legal forms?

  1. Click on the main category in the sidebar at left which will take you to a main section page displaying a list of documents available.
  2. Click on the type of document you'd like to purchase which will take you to the specific page describing the document.
  3. If it is the document you want, click on the "Add to Cart" button beside the format of your choice.
  4. Proceed through the checkout steps and you will then be able to download the document(s) right to your computer � no waiting!

Can I edit these legal documents?
Yes � once purchased, all NUPP Legal forms are yours to edit to suit your specific situation. Use them as many times as you like. There are various formats that will work with your specific computer type (Mac or PC) and just about any word processing program. 

Do I have to pay to use them each time?
No � once purchased and downloaded, the document is yours to use as many times as you like.  NUPP Legal will even allow you to re-download, free of charge, for 120 days if you lose or misplace your purchase.

Can I give these computer files to my friends and associates to use?
No � when you purchase a NUPP Legal document it is for your use only.  Giving NUPP Legal electronic files to your friends and associates is a violation of copyright laws.  Get your friends to come to our web site and purchase their own copies for very reasonable prices.  It costs us money and time to produce these excellent quality forms for you, so please assist us by not violating copyright laws.

Are these documents legally acceptable?
All of our contracts and agreements are designed by attorneys who are experts in their fields. Properly used (please see our Terms of Use), our legal documents and kits can protect you, your business, your customers, employees and associates in legal situations.  

What if I have questions about these legal forms?
Feel free to contact us via custserv@nupplegal.com with any questions, comments or suggestions you may have.  A trained representative will respond as quickly as possible to assist you.

What if I lose a computer file � do I have to pay again to download it?
No � though you will automatically download your purchase, NUPP also sends you a copy of your receipt and a re-download URL.  If needed, simply click on the URL in the email to re-download your product, free of charge, for 120 days.  Note:  The email with receipt and re-download URL are sent to the email address you supply during checkout.  Please enter your email address carefully.

Who recommends NUPP Legal?
Thousands of companies across the U.S. use our legal documents on a daily basis. The fact that we have the highest customer loyalty rate among legal document sites on the web gives an indication of our clients' satisfaction.

What should I do with all the money I save by using your legal documents, contracts and forms?
Start a trust account, invest in your business, celebrate with a victory dinner � the choice is yours. We look forward to being your #1 source for legal business documents on the web.  Please let us know how we can be of further service to you by contacting custserv@nupplegal.com.