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Employment Application Form

Employment application, job application form, with integrated "At Will" agreement and basic skills test. The application form is used as a vehicle for a basic skills test.

Basic skills test provides valuable insight for placement and are used religiously by well known companies such as Southland Corporation (7-11) and other large retailer chains on a national scale.

  • Add your company letterhead.
  • Customize in your word processor.
  • Use 11 question skills test for better placement.
  • Employment application also included in our Employee Handbook.

Sample skills test questions: 


Item A sells for 11�.  Item B sells for 23�.  Item C sells for $1.28.  How much would 1 of item C, 3 of item A, and 10 of item B sell for?

A.  $3.47

B.  $2.61

C.  $2.90

D.  $3.91


You have in your cash drawer a 10-dollar bill, 3 five-dollar bills, 8 one-dollar bills, 12 quarters, 5 dimes, and 10 nickels.  How much do you need to remove to have only $30.00 in the cash drawer?

A.  $7.00

B.  $17.00

C.  $0

D.  $2.00

See our discounted Deluxe Employment Package - contains 7 employment contracts, including this employment application.

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Employment Application