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Sexual Harassment Policy

Sexual harassment policy incorporated in a comprehensive harassment policy statement.  Includes policies for verbal, written, physical, sexual, interference, hostile work environment, retaliation, and harassment via electronic medium (email / e-harassment).

Ideal for integration into existing policy manual or for quick sign-off by employees:

  • Prevent sexual and other forms of harassment.
  • Increase awareness of activities that are considered harassment.
  • Immediately improve the work environment.
  • Provide procedures for dealing with and reporting harassment.
  • Clear the way for disciplinary action in the event of harassment.
  • Reduce company legal liability.

Company policy and procedures:

  • Procedure for an employee believing that he/she is being subjected to sexual harassment.
  • Filing of a written harassment complaint (including specific information to include in a complaint).
  • Disciplinary action for harassment as well as repercussions for complaints determined false.

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Sexual Harassment Policy