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Employee Handbook

Employee handbook, EEOC, ADA and FMLA compliant. Also available in Spanish.

Employee handbook / policy manuals document company policies and procedures as well as inform employees of company expectations regarding performance and conduct. Employee handbooks provide consistent guidelines for employees. Performance evaluations included in employee policy handbook.

Award winning employee handbook includes:

  1. Employee handbook / policy manual (customizable): [Table of Contents]
  2. e-Policies section: [Review ePolicies]
  3. Employment contract for employees: [Review Employment Contract]
  4. Employee confidentiality and non-compete agreement: [Employee Non-Compete]
  5. Two (2) employee performance evaluations:
    1. Employee evaluation 1: (5 part / 5 pages) written format appraisal for entry level positions, hourly employees and some lead positions.
    2. Employee evaluation 2 - (9 pages) thorough written appraisal can be used for hourly, supervisor and management positions.  Includes employee self evaluation section.
  6. Employment application with skills test: [Employment Application]
  7. Written disciplinary action form
  8. Verbal warning log
  9. Notice of dismissal
  10. Travel expense voucher
  11. Payroll deduction form
  12. Direct deposit authorization form
  13. Checklist - legal / illegal hiring questions

Also Available In Spanish

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Employee Handbook - English     $34.95   


Employee Handbook - Spanish     $34.95   


Employee Handbook - Dual (includes English & Spanish Versions)     $49.95