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Features: Last Will and Testament

Here are just a few features of our wills:

  1. Trusts

    1. Our wills have a trust clause for your minor children and grandchildren, when applicable. 

    2. You can set the trust to dissolve when they reach a designated age.

    3. NUPP Legal wills contain a trust for adult children, when applicable.

    4. The trusts in your last testament will enable you to set guidelines for monetary distribution.

    5. The money will be distributed according to your instructions and can be saved for education, medical or other needs. 

    6. Name the trustee, set the duties of the trustee and determine when the trust will end.  

  2. NUPP Legal wills allow you to name a personal guardian for your minor children, when applicable.

  3. A NUPP Legal will also allows you to name a property guardian for your minor children, when applicable. 

  4. Bequeath any property you own including real estate and personal property. See a listing of property you can legally bequeath in a last will and testament. >>> [Wills: Property List].

  5. Name the Executor / Personal Representative of your estate.

  6. Customize your last will and testament in any way you wish.

  7. Specify an unlimited number of beneficiaries in your will and trusts.

  8. Specify the beneficiaries of and bequeath unlimited assets.

  9. NUPP Legal provides the correct self proofing affidavit to insure your will is valid. 
    : Statutory requirements differ between states and no "one size fits all" affidavit will work. We provide you with the appropriate affidavit for your state.