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Types of Property Transferred By Will or Trust


Real Estate 
(land and items permanently attached to land)

1. Agricultural land
2. Boat/marina, dock space
3. Condo
4. Co-op

5. Duplex
6. House
7. Mobile Home
8. Rental Property

9. Time-share
10. Undeveloped land
11. Vacation House

  1. Real property ownership you can bequeath: Sole Ownership, Tenancy in Common, Community Property.

  2. Real property ownership you can not bequeath: Joint Tenancy, Tenancy by the Entirety, Community Property, Living Trust.  For additional information on types of real property ownership, see Forms of Real Property Ownership.

  3. Real estate transfers are subject to the laws of the state/country in which it resides.

Personal Property
(other than real estate)

1. Animals
2. Antiques
3. Appliances
4. Art
5. Bank and cash accounts
a. Certificates of deposit
b. Checking accounts
c. Money market funds
d. Saving Accounts
6. Bicycles
7. Books
8. Business interests
9. Cameras, photographic and video equipment
10. Cash
11. China, crystal, silver
12. Clothing, furs
13. Coins, stamps
14. Collectibles (records, dolls, baseball cards, etc.)
15. Computer equipment
16. Contracts 
17. Copyrights, patents, trademarks

18. Electronic equipment
19. Employee benefit plans
20. Family heirlooms
21. Frequent flyer miles
22. Furniture
23. Guardianship
24. Hobbies
25. Household furnishings
26. Income Tax Returns
27. Inheritances
28. Insurance Policies
29. Interests
      a. In Real Estate
      b. In Trusts
      c. In Businesses
30. Jewelry
31. Letters, documents, papers
32. Medals, awards, trophies
33. Musical instruments
34. Pets
35. Photographs
36. Precious metals
37. Promissory notes, debs owed to you


38. Religious items, artifacts
39. Retirement Plans
40. Royalties
41. Safe deposit contents
42. Securities:
      a. Bonds
      b. Commodities
      c. Mutual funds
      d. Stocks
43. Sentimental items
44. Small businesses
45. Sports equipment
46. Tools
47. U.S. bills, notes and bonds
48. Vehicles, boats, aircraft:
      a. Airplanes
      b. Automobiles
      c. Boats
      d. Motorcycles
      e. Motor homes/RV�s
49. Watches
50. Wedding and engagement rings


Notes of Interest

  1. Only property owned at the time of death is transferable by will.

  2. A person can not transfer, by use of a will, property that will automatically transfer upon death. Examples would be:

    1. Certain bank accounts, retirement plans, and insurance policies if governed by a beneficiary clause.

    2. Real property held as Tenants by the Entirety or Joint Tenants.  See "Real property ownership you can not bequeath" below.

  3. Co-owned business interests may depend on the ownership agreement.   Partner(s) may have a right to buy out the interest. The proceeds from the sale can be distributed in a will.

  4. Pets are not people, therefore, money or property can not be left to them. However, your pet can be left to someone.