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Lease Agreement Contents

The following list contains topics covered in comprehensive rental lease agreements.

Term:  How long the agreement will be in affect.
Payment of Rent:  When rent is due and acceptable forms of payment.
Prorated First Month's Rent:  How much rent shall be paid to cover the period before the first full month of occupancy
Returned Check and Stop Payment
Late Charges:  Penalty for late rent payment.
Tenant Examination and Acceptance of Premises
Occupancy and Use
Disturbances and Violation of Laws
Security Deposit and Return Thereof
Application for Lease - Tenant acknowledges that the statements and representations made in the signed application are true,
Vehicle Parking
Possession at Commencement of Term
Insurance - Tenant is responsible for insuring personal items
Utilities:  Tenant will pay all utility charges, except for those specifically stated.
Alterations and Repairs by Tenant - Tenant can not without Landlord's consent.
Assignment of Lease and Subletting
Landlord's Responsibilities and Duties
Tenant's Responsibilities and Duties
Quiet Enjoyment
Surrender of Premises
Landlord's Right to Access and Inspection
Termination of Lease - Hold Over
Extended Absences by Tenant and Notice Thereof
Property Damage - Destruction of Property
Hold Harmless
Default / Breach By Tenant
Remedies - Cumulative
Notice of Injuries on Premises
Grounds for Termination of Tenancy
Court Costs and Attorney Fees
Agents and Authority to Receive Legal Papers
Eminent Domain
Paragraph Headings
Binding on Successors
Entire Agreement
Governing Law
Additional Provisions