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How do I order and receive my forms?

1. Products are ordered from their respective product page. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page to see a listing of applicable products.

2. Click the button to the right of your selection for pricing information.

3. When ready, click "Checkout".

      Instant Delivery - Forms are saved to your computer.
      Forms open in your word processor, PC or Mac - Guaranteed!
      EZ fill in. Fully customizable.
      Instructions and completed example included (when applicable).
      Unlimited Use - 4 months Free Updates - No recurring cost.
      10 Day Money Back Guarantee! 4. Complete the order form.

5. Click "Download My Forms".

6. When prompted, choose "Save" and save your form(s) to your desktop. If you have ordered multiple items there will be multiple download buttons. Simply click the download button for each item, saving each to your computer.

7. Simply double click the file(s) on your desktop to open and edit.

Note: if you would also prefer to have the files sent via email attachment, email us after placing your order.


Can I redownload at a later time/date?
How long can I use the product?
Will the forms work on my computer?
Is there a guarantee?
Can I use the forms on more than one computer?

Can I redownload at a later time/date?  Yes. NUPP Legal offers free redownloads / updates for 120 days. Of course, you can keep the product on your computer and reuse as long as you would like.

How long can I use the product?  As long as you wish. However, when the laws change we update our forms to comply. Therefore, we suggest you update your forms at least once a year.

Will the forms work on my computer?  Yes. NUPP Legal forms are specially formatted to work in all PC and MAC word processors and all text can be edited.

Is there a guarantee?  Yes. NUPP Legal offers a ten (10) day money back guarantee.

Can I use the forms on more than one computer?  Yes. Feel free to keep a copy on each of your computers.  There are many ways to accomplish this including forwarding as an email attachment, re-downloading or jump drive.


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