Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is an authorization to act on someone else's behalf, the principal, in legal or business matters. A Power of Attorney appoints an agent, referred to as an attorney-in-fact, to use the authorized power to act on behalf of the principal. 

The attorney-in-fact has a fiduciary responsibility and a legal obligation to be honest and loyal to the principal. When appropriate, the Power of Attorney will be provided to entities with which the attorney-in-fact conducts the principal's affairs.

The durable Power of Attorney continues in effect and/or takes effect when the principal is incapacitated or disabled. If the power takes effect only after the principal's incapacity it is referred to as a Springing Power of Attorney due to "springing" into effect upon the occurrence of the event or condition.  After such incapacity or event, the Springing POA is identical to a Durable POA.

Power of Attorneys are available for financial, health care, real estate or limited uses.

Durable General Power of Attorney (Financial)

Health Care Proxy (Durable Health Care Power of Attorney)

Limited Power of Attorney

Real Estate Power of Attorney

Revoke / Cancel Power of Attorney Form

Advanced Directives
        Health Care Proxy

        Living Will