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Power of Attorney

A general power of attorney grants the agent, referred to as an attorney-in-fact, authority over financial matters. A general poa, also called a financial power of attorney, gives the agent power over financial matters such as banking, investments, real estate, insurance and taxes.

A durable power of attorney continues in effect or takes effect when the principal is incapacitated or disabled.  Your power of attorney will be durable and can be customized to take effect immediately or when the principal becomes incapacitated (referred to as a springing power of attorney). Expand or limit the scope of powers in your general power of attorney form.

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A general power of attorney appoints an attorney-in-fact who has a fiduciary responsibility to the principal and must act with the highest degree of good faith in the principal's behalf.  In addition, the attorney-in-fact is not permitted to transfer or gift any of the principal's property to himself/herself unless the power of attorney specifically authorizes him/her to do so. A copy of the general power of attorney will be provided to individuals or entities with which the attorney-in-fact conducts the principal's affairs.

Executing a general power of attorney does not mean you cannot make your own financial decisions; it only means that another person can also act for you. You essentially share your power to make decisions with someone else. In addition, you may revoke a general power of attorney at any time.