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Contents of Health Care Power of Attorney - Health Care Proxy

A health care power of attorney contains the following:

     1. Agent - choose a proxy

     2. Alternate agent - this is the person that will act as your agent in the event your first choice is unable or unwilling to act.

     3. Agent's powers - what the agent is empowered to do - or not.

     4. Effective date and durability - the agent may act only in the event that I am unable to participate in making decisions regarding my medical treatment. The power shall be suspended during any subsequent period during which you regain the ability to participate in decisions regarding your own medical treatment.

     5. Life-sustaining treatment - you choose the medical treatment you wish under different circumstances, including illness, persistent vegetative state, coma, etc.

     6. Appointment of guardian - in the event you need to have a guardian appointed.

    7. Protection of third parties that rely on instructions of your agent - this protects doctors and/or other health care professionals.

     8. Administrative provisions - revokes prior health care proxy forms, governing law, etc.