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Business Purchase Agreement - Sale Contract

residential sale purchase agreement information

Sell or purchase an existing business with a business sale and purchase agreement. Business sale contracts are often referred to as "business opportunity purchase agreements".

There are many types of business assets to be considered when purchasing an existing business, including both tangible and intangible assets. In most instances the buyer and seller are seeking a total sale of the business, however, both parties may find it beneficial to exclude certain property from the sale. For example, a buyer planning to relocate the business may wish to purchase intangible business assets only. Our comprehensive business purchase contract is easily customized for partial or total transfer of all existing assets, including accounts receivable.

Tangible business assets include furniture, equipment, leasehold improvements and real estate. Trade, goodwill, patents, trademarks, intellectual property, business methodologies and the company name are examples of intangible assets.

This business sale and purchase agreement is all you need to sell any business, however, if the sale includes commercial real estate you should utilize a commercial real estate purchase contract in conjunction with this form.

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Business Sale and Purchase Agreement - Broker Assisted     $34.95     Sale: $19.95   
Business Sale and Purchase Agreement - No Broker    $34.95     Sale: $19.95