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Home Inspections

A home inspection is usually a contingency in any real estate sale and purchase agreement. The right to a home inspection is afforded the buyer in every state's residential real estate disclosure laws. Disclosure laws vary from state to state but are generally consistent in that they require the seller to disclose any significant flaws in construction or hazardous materials, usually in writing. A good real estate sales contract will include many required disclosures but a separate Seller's Property Disclosure is usually required in addition to the sales contract.

Inspecting a home prior to a sale can avoid potential complications. If the seller familiarizes himself / herself with potential issues, they can be addressed prior to the sale. In any event, early detection of these issues allow the seller to have more control over how they are addressed.

A standard home inspection does not typically cover the following:

     1, Asbestos

     2. Radon gas

     3. Lead Paint

     4. Toxic Mold

     5. Pest Control

See a sample home inspection.