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Fee Simple Ownership

When a person sells real property he/she executes a deed to transfer title to real property and the bundle of rights that go with the property. The ownership of the property is evidenced by the title and the bundle of rights is referred to as fee simple ownership.

Fee simple ownership is the most complete ownership an individual can have in real property. Even so, fee simple ownership is still subject to taxation, eminent domain, escheat and police powers. In addition, there can be additional encumbrances on the property.

 Fee simple ownership is essentially a set of rights accompanying ownership of real property. These rights are:

     1. Right of possession: the title holder owns the property;

     2. Right of exclusion: property owner may exclude others from entering or otherwise using the property;

     3. Right of control: property owner controls use of the property, however, such use must be within the law;

     4. Right of enjoyment: property owner is free to enjoy the property in any legally permissible manner;

     5. Right of disposition: property owner can rent, sell or transfer ownership or use of the property.